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Montreal West Island Home Staging

Home Staging makes ALL the difference! Home staging is the act of tweaking your home so it sells faster and for a higher price. Tweaking your home is defined as embellishing and doing minor fix-ups. Examples of minor fix-ups include painting, cleaning grungy ceramic tile grout and finally installing those quarter rounds that have been sitting in your garage for 10 years :)

Home Staging seems to be the new fad, however, I've been emphasizing it to my sellers for 25 years. With a few dollars spent on my recommended fix ups your home will sell faster and for a higher price. Yes ... A very good return on investment! Intelligent home staging is worth every penny. With the majority of buyers shopping on the internet, the photo presentation of your home will definitely affect the final sale price. I take pride in my listings and will do everything possible to help you prepare your house for the market.

Home Staging by MTL Realty

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